Kindness in Action BannerDid you know there are scientifically proven benefits of being kind such as increased energy and happiness as well as decreased anxiety, blood pressure and stress? And that’s not all! The positive effects of kindness are experienced in the brain of everyone who witnessed the act, improving their mood and making them significantly more likely to “pay it forward”. Kindness toward ourselves, our bodies, and others can promote a cycle of happiness and positivity.

You are invited to take the Kindness in Action Challenge. Participants who complete tasks and check-ins on time will be entered to win prizes!

Challenge runs October 15-November 2

The Kindness in Action Challenge will focus on being kind to your body, your mind and to each other. Each week there will also be bonus challenges, giving you a lot of chances to win prizes! Click on each of the images below to learn more.

Challenge Week Topics:

Challenge Basics:

  • A three-week challenge designed to help you learn simple ways to add kindness to self and others into your daily life
  • Each Monday, participants will receive a challenge (action item) email
  • Each Thursday, participants will receive a check-in notification email (check-in will be a brief online form)
  • Each Friday, participants check-ins are due by the end of the day.
  • Participants who complete each challenge and check-in by the deadlines will be entered to win various prizes:
    • One grand prize winner will receive a Basket of Kindness
    • Three elite prize winners will receive two movie tickets
    • Six sweet prize winners will receive a box of Kind bars
  • Weekly bonus activities: Complete weekly bonus activities for extra chances to win the grand, elite and sweet prizes!
  • Challenge bonus: Create a vision board and you automatically win a surprise kindness gift!

Why does kindness matter?

  • Kindness matters because it is good for your health
  • Kindness matters because it makes you happy
  • Kindness matters because it’s contagious
  • Kindness matters because it inspires hope


World Kindness Day is November 13, 2018