Mindfulness and Your Health

Mindfulness is a practice originally conceived thousands of years ago that was intended to ease suffering and cultivate compassion.  Not tied to any particular religious or cultural belief system, it is a practice that is still relevant in our world today.  Mindfulness can be defined as a conscious effort to be completely in the present moment, setting aside worries, expectations and other thoughts or emotions.

Practicing Mindfulness on Monday helps you to begin the week with a positive mindset and manage your stress all week long.  Unmanaged stress has been shown to have negative health impacts including loss of sleep, mood disorders, digestive disorders, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, and a decreased immune response which can leave us susceptible to colds, the flu and other illnesses.

DeStress Monday logoResearch conducted by the Monday Campaigns shows that Monday is seen as a day for a fresh start and if people begin the week with a positive frame of mind, they are more likely to maintain a better mood throughout the week.  The Monday Campaign’s DeStress Monday initiative contains great resources from Monday refresh tips to guided audio incorporating evidence-based stress reduction techniques of deep-breathing, mindfulness and positive affirmation.



Healthy Monday Zen MeditationExplore the many benefits of meditation with a Healthy Monday meditation every Monday at from noon to one in Hendricks small chapel. Healthy Monday meditation will happen during every Monday of the Fall 2018 semester with exception to Monday, 11/19. This class offers meditation instruction and practice for any member of the SU community.  Each session begins with 15 minutes of instruction and time to settle in followed by 30 minutes of quiet meditation and 15 minutes of debriefing and discussion.  All skill levels and faith traditions are welcome.  This mindfulness practice can help improve attention and focus, reduce stress and promote relaxation.  Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing.


Yoga Seeds Instructor Michele Gardner


Yoga Seeds is a free weekly yoga class offered to the SU community, co-sponsored with the Contemplative Collaborative. Our instructor, Michele Gardener (pictured left) is an 800 hr certified Dharma Yoga teacher and a student of yoga for over 10 years. Dharma yoga is open for people of all abilities, from beginner to lifelong practitioners. It meets each student at their skill level and is open to anyone to try! Dharma Yoga is a graceful, yet challenging form of yoga based on Sri Dharma Mittra’s over fifty years of practice of classical yoga. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or towel if you are able. Don’t forget your SU ID for entry.


Fall 2018 Yoga Seeds Schedule:
Note: Classes are from 4 – 5 pm in Ernie Davis Exercise Room unless otherwise stated

    • September 24
    • October 1
    • October 8
    • October 15
    • October 22
    • October 29
    • November 5
    • November 12
    • November 26
    • December 3

Inspiring Audio

Below we’ve shared some audio files of guided meditations and practices to help you strengthen your ability to focus and bring more mindfulness to your life.  These sources are recommended by the Contemplative Collaborative and are beneficial to all listeners, whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner.

Love Your Body

Healthy Monday Syracuse partnered with Ophelia’s Place and 44 Hearts for a weekly video series, Love Your Body.  This web series provides a weekly affirmation designed to guide us on the journey of tuning in.  Begin your week with a brief video to set your intentions for the week around a particular word.  Watch all the weekly videos in this series on our Healthy Monday YouTube page: