Healthy Monday offers many programs to address and improve different aspects of wellness.  Click on any of the logo images to visit the Monday Campaigns website where you can access free resources to use in your own Healthy Monday campaign.  Or, check out these resources to kick off your Healthy Monday campaign.

Healthy Monday logoHealthy Monday can be used as an umbrella campaign over a wide range of health initiatives.  By using Monday to unite health messaging; workplaces, communities, and schools can create a culture of wellness that motivates people to join together and start the week off healthy.



Move it Monday logoMove it on Monday and commit to staying active all week to reach the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recommended 2 1/2 hours of physical activity each week.  Move it Monday can be used by organizations to encourage people to start the week off active by taking the stairs, going to the gym or doing a Monday Mile walk.  Free resources to get started with Move it Monday and the Monday Mile can be found in the Monday Mile toolkit.



Meatless Monday logoMeatless Monday is an international movement to encourage people to reduce their meat consumption by 15%.  On average, Americans are consuming too much red and processed meat, which leads to a greater intake of saturated fat. One day a week, eat more fruits, vegetables, grains and beans to reduce your risk of developing chronic, preventable conditions like heart disease, stroke, obesity, diabetes and certain types of cancer.  Consuming less meat is good for the environment too, limiting our carbon footprint and preserving precious resources like water and fossil fuels.  Interested in starting Meatless Monday?  Visit the Meatless Monday website for free resources.


CG_homepg_button04 DeStress Monday addresses the issue of persistent stress, which has been shown to have negative effects on many aspects of personal health. The campaign offers a Monday refresh practice with guided audio that incorporates evidence-based stress reduction techniques of deep breathing, mindfulness, and positive affirmation. The campaign includes mid-week mini-resets for fun creative ways to renew our energy to stay positive and calm the whole week.


Quit and Stay Quit Monday logo Tobacco users often wait for special occasions to quit, like birthdays or the new year, but most will eventually relapse.  Quit and Stay Quit Monday is an effort to change that by giving tobacco users who want to quit a weekly chance to commit, quit and recommit to their quit.  Tobacco users can use Monday to plan ahead, anticipate triggers, celebrate progress, or check in with their quit buddy.  Quit and Stay Quit Monday offers weekly support and resources for individuals, cessation specialists and organizations.