I Love NY Water


What is I Love New York Water?

I Love NY Water is a not-for-profit initiative created to promote the benefits of New York’s #1 resource: our tap water.  The goal of I Love NY Water is to create awareness about the health benefits, environmental impact and staggering costs associated with disposable water bottles.  We want all New Yorkers, residents and visitors alike to treasure this overlooked natural resource.

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What is there to love about New York State Water?

Skaneateles Lake
Skaneateles Lake, New York

New York State is rich in water resources.  With more than 87,000 miles of freshwater rivers and streams and close to 8,000 lakes and ponds, water is plentiful. New York State water adds to the beauty of our landscape, attracts tourists from all over the world and provides unlimited opportunities for recreation.  This clean, pure water also serves as our source of drinking water.

Did you know that the drinking water in Syracuse comes from the pristine Skaneateles Lake, one of the Finger Lakes located about 20 miles southwest of Syracuse?  Skaneateles Lake is one of the cleanest water sources in the world- so clean that our water does not even have to be filtered.  Don’t worry, it is passed through a coarse screening, disinfected to be safe for drinking and it is fluoridated for dental hygiene.



Drink to Your Good Health

water glasses

Your body is made up of nearly 2/3 water so it is an essential component of healthy living.  You need water to flush toxins from your body, carry nutrients to your cells and maintain a moist environment in your ears, nose and throat- this makes it harder for germs to enter your body and make you sick.

We lose water every day through our breath, our sweat and yes, through our urine and bowels.  Not replenishing our bodies with water leads to dehydration which can deplete our energy, make us cranky and especially in the summer months can lead to dangerous conditions like heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

The Institute of Medicine says, as a general rule of thumb that men should drink 13 cups of water a day and 9 cups a day for women.  However, some of our water intake comes from the foods that we eat, like fruits and vegetables.  Watermelon, strawberries, cucumber and lettuce are over 90% water, so stay hydrated by loading up on fruits and veggies!  You can hydrate with other beverages like milk, juice, and tea, but these beverages should be consumed in moderation as they often contain additional calories.

The Environmental Impact

I Love NY Water Refills Not Landfills
Image courtesy of I Love NY Water

Bottled water is expensive!  On average, bottled water costs 1000 times more than tap water.  Drinking two liters of tap water every day would only cost about $0.50 each year!

Bottled water consumption is not sustainable.  It takes 3 liters of water to produce 1 liter of bottled water and nearly 70% of disposable water bottles end up in landfills, lakes, streams and oceans.

Tap water is safe.  Tap water is more closely regulated by federal safety regulations.  The City of Syracuse Water Department has a 7-pronged approach to monitoring our water safety on a continual basis so you can rest assured that your water is clean and safe when you fill up at the tap.

What about fluoride in tap water?  Fluoride is a mineral proven to prevent and in some cases reverse tooth decay.  Many cities in the US add fluoride to the water because it is safe and effective at keeping your pearly whites healthy.


Show NY Water Some Love

I Love New York Water poster contest
This image was created by a student at Westside Academy at Blodgett in Syracuse as part of an “I Love NY Water” poster contest.

1. Use a refillable water bottle and fill up from the tap as often as possible- before you leave home, when you’re on campus, and in the dining centers.

2. Encourage others to fill up from the tap too.

– Hosting an event?  Encourage your caterer to serve carafes of water instead of disposable bottles.  Ask for the water to be garnished with berries, cucumber or mint.

– Ditch the office water cooler and fill up at the tap.  Did you know Syracuse drinking water is one of the few municipal water supplies that is so pure it doesn’t need filtering?  The City of Syracuse Department of Water comes to campus every week and tests the quality of our drinking water in several locations across campus.  The tests and results are mandated by Onondaga County and New York State.  There are stricter regulations on municipal drinking water supplies than there are on bottled water so you can feel good that the water from the tap is clean and pure!

3. Share a photo of your reusable bottle and hastag #IloveNYwater to let everyone know you support refills over landfills.


I Love NY Water Restaurant Program

RestaurantDecalImageThis program encourages restaurants to show their support of New York water by serving up cold, refreshing tap water.  Participating restaurants can place a decal in their window to let everyone know they’re sourcing their water straight from the tap.  More and more restaurants are procuring food from local farms and producers, why not do the same for water?

Want to bring I Love NY Water to your restaurant?  It’s simple- contact us at healthymonday@syr.edu and we’ll send you a decal for your window and I Love NY Water stickers that can be used on water pitchers or reusable carafes.

These restaurants are on board, contact us today if you’d like to join too!


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