Autumn Hikes

Author: Abby Case, SU | Class of 2017 |  Falk College of Sport and Human Dynamics | Nutrition Major, Food Studies

We are well into the most glorious season of the year. Leaves have begun changing, our favorite flannels are out, and our lives are once again filled with crisp apples and radiant pumpkins.

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Meatless Monday is Good For Your Health

HTW221_sp16_Lauren WeinsteinOriginal post by Lauren Weinstein

We’ve all heard of the phrase “I will eat healthy starting Monday.” It’s the staple of many college students’ efforts to lose the freshman fifteen or start fresh after a weekend full of pizza, burritos, and ice-cream (yes, I too have jumped on the Gannon’s bandwagon). Monday is the day we get back on track, and shying away from eating meat might be the perfect way to facilitate this. Continue Reading

What Meatless Monday Means to Me

HTW221_sp16_Shachar AmsalemPost written by Shachar Amsalem

As a junior studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Syracuse University, I think Meatless Monday has a ton of different meanings that students may miss when they are thinking about what to eat in the dining halls. After a weekend of having cheat days, and maybe binge eating habits, Monday’s are the perfect day to start your healthy diet. Continue Reading

How to Eat Healthy in the Dining Centers

Post written by SU Student, Megan Taylor:

Graham Dining Hall Interior Students Eating
Graham Dining Hall Interior Students Eating

Do you ever find yourself walking into one of the dining centers on campus and grabbing the first and most appetizing thing you see? I think we can all admit that when the first thing we see after a long day of classes is the pizza, pasta and bread sticks; its hard not to want to grab it and be done. However, there are several other healthier options that are always available in every dining center on campus. Continue Reading

Sarah Al-Sheraidi Says Show NY Water Some Love!

On November 19th I, alongside my HTW 221 team mates, tabled for the I Love NY Water campaign. Our group gave away over 200 I Love NY Water bottles to students and employees on campus. Throughout the morning I had a lot of students and faculty ask me what our campaign was about, and I had others passing by and saying things like, “ Who doesn’t love NY water?” and writing our campaign off without understanding what it was all about. So, what is “I Love NY Water” about anyway? It is a campaign that promotes the use of New York state tap water, instead of bottled water that people would buy from a store, or vending machine. By pledging to use tap water whenever possible, a person is pledging to help keep our environment cleaner by keeping plastic out of our landfills. Did you know that it takes plastic, on average, 450 years to biodegrade? Another tidbit of information to consider is that tap water is often filtered better than bottled water, and it’s cheaper too. Think about it, the average price for a sixteen ounce bottle of water is around two dollars. A gallon of tap water, by comparison, is around one dollar and twenty-two cents or less. The main idea behind this campaign is very simple, decrease your carbon footprint by switching to tap water instead of bottled water. Switching to tap water is a very easy way to help your planet and your wallet.

To learn more, check out the Healthy Monday page on I Love NY Water, and the EPA (to learn more about tap water, and how it’s filtered).

Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

Students Walking Snow Winter Quad

Post by Health and Wellness 221 student, Stephanie Shute

It is now November in Syracuse, New York, which means it is usually cold, raining or snowing outside. If you want to stay active but you do not want to freeze during it, here are a few tips to stay active and healthy during the cold weather months.  Continue Reading

An Apple A Day

Original post by: Colleen Sheehan

Apple chipAutumn is the best season for many reasons, but ask anyone who knows me and they will all tell you…fall is my favorite season for one reason only; apples. It’s as simple as that. Continue Reading

Have Your Spaghetti and Eat It Too!

Sheehan_squash1Original post by: Colleen Sheehan

I’m back with another recipe that’s simple to make, affordable, hearty, and healthy!!

As the colder months come around, especially as the snow starts to fall and the days become shorter, I find that what I crave most are warm, hearty meals to make the cold weather a bit more bearable.

But while many people are already expecting to pack on a few pounds during the winter because of their eating habits, what if I told you that you can have your spaghetti and eat it too?! Continue Reading