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The Lerner Center’s Monday Miles are Celebrated on International Day of Persons with Disabilities

December 3rd is International Day of Persons with Disabilities. We strive to create inclusive and accessible Monday Mile walking routes that all members of our community can enjoy. Our Inclusivity Policy assures Monday Miles will be safe and accessible for those of all abilities. Here is our feature in the article from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Making the Monday Mile Inclusive for All in City of Syracuse, New York

Approximately 1 in 5 adults in New York State has a disability, and compared to adults without disabilities, they are less likely to get leisure-time physical activity.

Two nonprofit organizations based in Syracuse, NY – ARISE, a Center for Independent Living, and HealtheConnections, a group that supports better health for the people living in Central New York – partnered with NACDD’s Reaching People with Disabilities through Healthy Communities project to create inclusive health opportunities.

One project, done in collaboration with the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at Syracuse University, is Monday Mile, a program with 25 designated 1-mile walking routes. Each route is marked with maps, directional arrows, and distance markers to encourage residents to be physically active.

As a direct result of the NACDD’s Reaching People with Disabilities through Healthy Communities project, the Lerner Center adopted a new Inclusivity Policy to incorporate the principles of inclusion in the design of new Monday Mile routes. They created a checklist of considerations and a feasibility assessment to help designers carry out the policy.

Project partners are already using the Inclusivity Policy with interested groups to designate a new Monday Mile route in a low-income Syracuse neighborhood that lacks safe, accessible walking paths. Partners are also developing Monday Miles routes in parks and public places in counties in central New York, where an estimated 95,000-115,000 people with disabilities could benefit. The Inclusivity Policy is now an integral part of the Monday Mile toolkit[9.26 MB], a planning resource used by local communities to plan accessible walking routes.

You can check out the full article here

Meatless Monday Wins 2018 Telly Award

Meatless Monday Plant Protein Power Wins 2018 Telly Award
for fun, engaging creative about getting a full day’s protein without eating meat

Monday Campaigns creative team from left to right: Caleb Hunt, graphic designer, Mark Driscoll, senior creative director, and Sid Lerner, founder chairman
The Monday Campaigns creative team members with their Bronze Telly Award in the category for Series Education and Discovery. From left to right: Caleb Hunt, graphic designer, Mark Driscoll, senior creative director, and Sid Lerner, founder and chairman, The Monday Campaigns.

The Monday Campaigns is not your typical nonprofit organization. It’s staffed with former ad agency professionals, who are adding levity backed by science to public health promotions. Their twists on usually understated nonprofit campaigns are often noted for their fun, quirky and entertaining nature. The Monday Campaigns recently won the 2018 Telly Bronze Award in the category of Series Education and Discovery for its entry: Meatless Monday Plant Protein Power, which features whimsical graphics and animation.

The Monday Campaigns is led by Founder and Chairman Sid Lerner, retired ad executive turned public health advocate (Sid was on the ad team that created the iconic Mr. Whipple/Don’t Squeeze the Charmin commercial). When Lerner founded the nonprofit organization in 2003, his vision was to create a small team that functions like an ad agency within the organization. Vision accomplished: Lerner brought together a team consisting of creative ad, marketing and PR professionals whose goal is to bring their talents and skills to the public health realm.

The team’s approach for the Plant Protein Power campaign cleverly conveys the message that getting a full day’s protein is easily achievable without eating meat. The campaign addressed the organization’s survey research that showed a common concern in practicing Meatless Monday is whether or not one is getting enough protein.

The Meatless Monday Plant Protein Power Campaign features free materials including informative posters, social media graphics, and animated GIF visuals.

Asparagus has 4.3 grams of protein in 1 cup (cooked)

The materials can be used by organizations as part of their nutrition and wellness programs. Individuals looking for new ways to incorporate more plant-based protein into their diet can also benefit from our free downloadable kit.

Learn more about The Monday Campaigns:







Monday Campaigns News

Monday Campaigns Hermes award team winners
The Monday Campaigns creative team with their Hermes Creative Award trophies: Platinum for Happy New Week and Meatless Monday Foodservice Guide, and Gold for 100 Years of Meatless Monday video.  From left to right: videographer Zach Borst; copywriter Joe Ehlinger; founder and chairman Sid Lerner, and senior creative director Mark Driscoll.

Nonprofit Monday Campaigns’ Creative Team Turns Sometimes-Dreaded

Monday into a Happy Monday

Wins Hermes Creative Platinum and Gold Awards for Public Health Promo Videos

Former ad agency professionals with The Monday Campaigns, a nonprofit public health marketing organization, are adding levity backed by science to public health promotions. Their twists on the usually understated nonprofit promo vehicles recently won two Hermes Creative Awards for video – Platinum for Happy New Week and Gold for 100 Years of Meatless Monday. Continue Reading

Making Recreation Inclusive, One Mile at a Time

Lerner Fellow, Jordan Gilman, posing with an umbrella at the start of the Monday Mile track
Healthy Monday Team at the DeRuyter Monday Mile

The Lerner Center’s mission is to improve the health of the community through service, research, education, advocacy and policy. To bring this mission to life, Lerner Center staff and graduate fellows took part in a 10-hour online inclusivity training. The InclusionU training and certification program offered through the Inclusive Recreation Resource Center at SUNY Cortland focuses on evaluation metrics anyone can use to assess the inclusivity of particular recreational spaces. An online database collects information about the accessibility of everything from trails and parks to bowling alleys. People of all abilities can check out the database before heading to a place of recreation to ensure they will be able to access and participate in the activities. The ultimate goal of these assessments is to help all people, regardless of ability, to play wherever they choose. Continue Reading

Planting a Seed of Mindfulness Through Yoga

Healthy Monday Yoga ClassWhat if one hour a week could help you improve your mental focus, strengthen your ability to accomplish tasks and help you move through your day more mindfully?  These are some of the things students in Dara Harper’s Yoga Seeds class describe being better able to do since beginning their yoga practice. Continue Reading

Suzanne Brisk

Suzanne Brisk standing at the Upstate Community campus Monday MileName:Suzanne Brisk
Age:Celebrating 57 years!
Location:Fayetteville, NY

Your day job: Pathway to Wellness Coordinator at Upstate Medical Center Continue Reading