Stay Active This Summer with the Monday Mile

 Syracuse University’s Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and the City of Syracuse Department of Parks, Recreation & Youth Programs have partnered to launch the second community-wide Monday Mile Parks Passport Summer Challenge to encourage residents to get physically active this summer with the Monday Mile. Continue Reading

Healthy Defaults-National Public Health Week

Each year during the first week of April, people around the country celebrate National Public Health Week.  This week is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of public health in helping us all lead longer, healthier lives.  From seatbelts to tobacco-free policies and vaccinations to refrigeration, public health impacts us all. Continue Reading

Step Up to National Walking Day

NEW YORK – On Wednesday, April 6, The American Heart Association (AHA) will kick off National Walking Day to rally everyone – individuals, friends, families, neighborhoods, communities, schools, and workplaces – to join together and walk for health and fun. The day is a great opportunity to promote all the benefits of walking, and people can keep the momentum going throughout the year by starting a Monday Mile in their community. Continue Reading

SU Food Services Executive Chef Talks Meatless Monday

ChefP with samplesWe recently had a chance to catch up with SU Food Services’ new Executive Chef, Parvinder Singh.  Singh joins the SU community from Cornell and has previously served as an Executive Chef at the University of Oklahoma and University of Buffalo.  In the short time since joining SU, Chef has been quite busy getting to know the Food Services staff and operations and creating new recipes that are student tested and approved. Continue Reading

Healthy Monday Spring 2016 Programming

Welcome back to campus students, staff and faculty.  We love the energy that you all bring to the spring semester.  It is a new year and a new opportunity to achieve your wellness goals.  We have a full schedule of Healthy Monday programs to help you do just that.  Read on for more details. Continue Reading

Sarah Al-Sheraidi Says Show NY Water Some Love!

On November 19th I, alongside my HTW 221 team mates, tabled for the I Love NY Water campaign. Our group gave away over 200 I Love NY Water bottles to students and employees on campus. Throughout the morning I had a lot of students and faculty ask me what our campaign was about, and I had others passing by and saying things like, “ Who doesn’t love NY water?” and writing our campaign off without understanding what it was all about. So, what is “I Love NY Water” about anyway? It is a campaign that promotes the use of New York state tap water, instead of bottled water that people would buy from a store, or vending machine. By pledging to use tap water whenever possible, a person is pledging to help keep our environment cleaner by keeping plastic out of our landfills. Did you know that it takes plastic, on average, 450 years to biodegrade? Another tidbit of information to consider is that tap water is often filtered better than bottled water, and it’s cheaper too. Think about it, the average price for a sixteen ounce bottle of water is around two dollars. A gallon of tap water, by comparison, is around one dollar and twenty-two cents or less. The main idea behind this campaign is very simple, decrease your carbon footprint by switching to tap water instead of bottled water. Switching to tap water is a very easy way to help your planet and your wallet.

To learn more, check out the Healthy Monday page on I Love NY Water, and the EPA (to learn more about tap water, and how it’s filtered).

Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

Students Walking Snow Winter Quad

Post by Health and Wellness 221 student, Stephanie Shute

It is now November in Syracuse, New York, which means it is usually cold, raining or snowing outside. If you want to stay active but you do not want to freeze during it, here are a few tips to stay active and healthy during the cold weather months.  Continue Reading

Walktober 2015 a Success!

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Monday, November 9th was the conclusion of another successful Walktober and the Healthy Monday team celebrated with an awards ceremony and luncheon.  Walktober 2015 was sponsored in partnership with Healthy Monday Syracuse, the Syracuse University Wellness Initiative and SU Department of Recreation Services. Continue Reading