Campus Partners

We are committed to making our campus and community a healthy one.  With a goal to end chronic, preventable disease we want to work with partners who are engaged in programming that addresses physical activity, nutrition and emotional wellness.

We want to promote your Healthy Monday moments and campaigns on our website and social media.  Email us at to let us know what Healthy Monday Syracuse activities or events are happening in your office, neighborhood or community.

Read on for more information about our partners and the work that we do.



 Food Services

Syracuse University Food Services offers a wide range of healthy food options making it easy to eat healthy on campus.  Every Monday in all campus dining centers and cafes Meatless Monday specials can be found.  Discover healthy options you may have never tried before with the Try Me Meatless Monday program where you can sample a featured recipe and learn about the health benefits of eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans.  Diners on campus can also participate in the Cafe Meatless Monday Rewards Card program to earn free prizes for the purchase of healthy, meatless options.


Syracuse University Recreation Services logo

Recreation Services

Check out one of the six fitness centers open to students, faculty and staff across campus.  To help you kickstart your Healthy Monday, we offer free, fresh fruit every Monday during the academic year at Archbold, Ernie Davis Fitness Center and Marshall Square Mall Fitness Center.  Also, check out the free Move-it Monday and Fit-Friday fitness classes held in the Flanagan Fitness Studio.  Registration is not required, but plan to arrive early as these classes fill up quickly.  Classes are open to anyone with a valid SU ID. Visit our Events and News page for the most up-to-date schedule.

Pressed for time?  Walk the campus Monday Mile loops.  There are two great, one-mile walking loops on campus.  The north campus loop begins on University Place in front of Schine Student Center and the south campus loop starts on Skytop Road outside of Goldstein Student Center.  Visit our Move-it Monday page for more information about the Monday Mile initiative and route maps.

Housed within the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Health Promotion provides health education and prevention programming on campus to support the well-being of students.  This includes prevention of sexual misconduct and relationship violence, substance abuse as well as promotion of mental and emotional health, spiritual health and physical well-being.  We partner with the Office of Health Promotion to support initiatives that promote good health among all students at Syracuse University.


University Wellness Initiative

This program is the source of information and portal to wellness resources focused on Syracuse University’s faculty and staff, driven by data and supported by existing University assets.  Its mission is to improve the health of Syracuse University’s faculty and staff and contain the direct and indirect costs associated with poor health status by focusing on health status issues and health concerns.  Healthy Monday Syracuse partners closely with the University Wellness Initiative to ensure that staff and faculty have the resources they need to improve and maintain good health on campus.  We also collaborated with the University Wellness Initiative and other stakeholders across campus in the development of a University-wide tobacco-free campus policy, which went into effect on July 1, 2015.

 Hendricks Chapel

Reduce stress and recenter every Monday with a noontime meditation at Hendricks Chapel.  The meditation is held in the small chapel, which is located on the lower level of Hendricks.  Meditation has been shown to lower stress, improve mood and promote overall mental well-being.  While you are there, stop by People’s Place Cafe, also located on the lower level, for a piece of free, fresh fruit every Monday during the academic year, sponsored by Healthy Monday Syracuse.

Healthy Monday Syracuse also partners with the Contemplative Collaborative, a community of students, faculty and staff engaged in contemplative practices, teaching strategies, and scholarly research, with a goal of cultivating focused attention to foster insight and deepened understanding of complex issues.  The Contemplative Collaborative bridges student and academic life to embody engaged learning, mindful academy and a compassionate society.


Health Services

Health Services provides student-centered ambulatory care services.  Through Quit and Stay Quit Monday, resources are available at health services for students who wish to become tobacco-free.  Health Services can help you make a plan to quit smoking, assist with decisions about using medications that suit you best, and they will provide ongoing support through the cessation process.  Call 315-443-9005 to schedule an appointment to talk with a healthcare provider.

You can also visit Health Services on Mondays during the academic year for a piece of free, fresh fruit, sponsored by Healthy Monday Syracuse.




Syracuse University Office of Residence Life logo

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life at Syracuse University creates residential communities where living and learning experiences prepare students to pursue their life goals by fostering safety, learning, inclusivity, community and engaged citizenship.  Healthy Monday Syracuse and the Office of Residence Life work together to provide information resources to all Resident Advisors to support wellness in all campus housing.