Special veggie menu at Eggers CafeHealthy Monday teamed up with SU Food Services to promote Meatless Monday vegetarian options in Eggers Café in late January. The café was decked out with floor decals, table tents, and extra signage to draw attention to the highlighted items. The marketing campaign was designed to see if promoting a specific healthy item would encourage meal goers to purchase it.
The campaign specifically promoted the veggie burger, rice and veggie bowl, and hummus and pretzels snack pack at Eggers Café. The rice and veggie bowl come with cooked rice, multiple toppings, beans and corn, and can be topped off with chipotle mayo dressing. The grab-and-go Sabra hummus with pretzels snack pack provides a healthy source of plant based protein.

All of these items are delicious, freshly made, and tailored to specific preferences. They are filling and give the energy needed to take on the day. Plus, meatless options are a great way to help the environment by eliminating the vast amounts of land, fuel and water required for meat to reach the plate.

The promotion was evaluated for six weeks and the results were astonishing! There was a significant increase in the number of healthy items purchased after the marketing campaign!

The healthy items are still there and just as tasty. So, make sure to try one next time you stop by Eggers Café!