Upstate_Monday MileStudents, employees and visitors to Upstate Medical University are invited to join Upstate University President Dr. Danielle Laraque-Arena on Monday, October 3rd to walk the Monday Mile at Upstate’s downtown campus.  The Monday Mile, an initiative of the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at Syracuse University encourages people to get physically active by walking a mile for their health.

Upstate launched the Monday Mile in the fall of 2012.  Suzanne Brisk, Upstate’s Wellness Coordinator for the campus-wide wellness program, Pathway to Wellness, has led weekly group walks with employees and students. Walkers are encouraged to move more and given the challenge of walking the hill up Adams Street between Almond Street and Irving Avenue, the last quarter mile of the Monday Mile route.

Posted signs designating the route make it easy for walkers to track their physical activity; getting out to walk a mile helps people work toward the Surgeon General’s recommendation of 150 minutes of physical activity each week.  Brisk advocates for walking, stating, “Exercise has a powerful influence on our physical and mental health and those benefits are available to anyone- all you have to do is just start moving; walking is a great start.”

While regular physical activity is beneficial for health, it also promotes social connections.  During the month of October, members of the Upstate community have the opportunity to participate in Walktober, a month-long walking initiative and competition promoting physical activity among walkers, runners and rollers at Upstate, Syracuse University, SUNY ESF and the VA Hospital.  Walktober participants commit to staying active all month, set goals to boost their activity, track their progress and celebrate their success.  For the past two years, individual and team participants from Upstate have earned top standings in Walktober, including reigning team, Crazy Walkers, led by team captain Emily Pellizzeri, an Upstate employee in the Bursar’s Office.

Monday’s walk with the President will begin at 11:00am at the start of the Monday Mile outside Weiskotten Hall.  Attendees will have the opportunity to walk and talk with Dr. Laraque-Arena to kick off Walktober.  “Since joining Upstate, Dr. Laraque-Arena has been getting to know the University and the people here, and I am so pleased that she is taking a moment to join us to walk.  Her presence demonstrates the importance of moving and the value of taking steps to care for your health,” says Brisk.

The Pathway to Wellness program will be giving away apples to walkers to celebrate the beginning of fall and New York State agriculture.  Attendees can also learn more about Walktober and the other fall wellness programs sponsored by Pathway to Wellness.

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