What Meatless Monday Means to Me

HTW221_sp16_Shachar AmsalemPost written by Shachar Amsalem

As a junior studying Nutrition and Dietetics at Syracuse University, I think Meatless Monday has a ton of different meanings that students may miss when they are thinking about what to eat in the dining halls. After a weekend of having cheat days, and maybe binge eating habits, Monday’s are the perfect day to start your healthy diet. Monday’s are usually the day we dread most, but we can now look at this so-called dreadful day as a day to start over with how we eat. Meatless Monday is a way that I can get a head start on the week of what a healthy diet means to me. It is a way to help me understand what I want to continue eating and what I want to get rid of in order to feel healthier, have more energy, and overall improve my eating habits. Meatless Monday_Ernie Davis

I think that students might look at Meatless Monday as something that may be depriving them of what they love to eat most. However, it is just a way to get people on track, and help them realize that they can improve their diet without the unnecessary saturated fat, or excess consumption of red meat. I continue to hear all around campus, “my diet starts on Monday,” so I think that Meatless Monday is a great push for students to understand that they can overcome those bad eating habits from the weekend and replace them with other options and healthier alternatives. In addition, I look at this as not only starting the week off right, but starting a diet that will benefit you in the long run. Monday is a day where one can not only make better eating choices, but also life choices, such as an increase in daily exercise.

To me, Meatless Monday is a global movement aimed at Americans to increase awareness of how to improve their diet, and not restrict them of the food they love.