Cynthia Morrow headshot

Each year during the first week of April, people around the country celebrate National Public Health Week.  This week is dedicated to recognizing the contributions of public health in helping us all lead longer, healthier lives.  From seatbelts to tobacco-free policies and vaccinations to refrigeration, public health impacts us all.

National Public Health Week was celebrated on campus with a lunch lecture presented by Lerner Center Chair, Dr. Cynthia Morrow who discussed how we as individuals, organizations and communities can use the environment around us to make the healthy choice the easy choice.  Morrow offered practical tips we can incorporate into our daily lives, like preparing fresh produce and placing it in a more accessible location than less healthy snacks.  Attendees dined on a variety of healthy salads, fresh fruit and infused water for lunch.  Morrow suggested that an organizational approach for worksites in creating healthy defaults is to offer healthy meal options at meetings and replace sugar sweetened beverages with water.

For those who were unable to attend the event, a copy of Morrow’s presentation can be accessed here. Healthy Defaults_National Public Health Week

The beginning of National Public Health Week also launched Healthy Monday’s annual Walk With Us program.  Walk With Us invites members of community to join us to walk a Monday Mile every Monday during the month of April as a way to get outdoors, get into a routine of walking and watch spring come into bloom.  It didn’t quite feel like spring on our walk as snow lightly fell, but walkers used this opportunity to say goodbye to winter and we anticipate watching the temperatures rise with each passing week.  For more information about Walk With Us and where you can walk with us next, visit our Events & News page.