Student Voice: Campus Climate

We asked students in HTW 221: Community Health Promotion to share their thoughts about what shapes the climate on campus and whether it has an impact on their health and wellbeing.  This comes at a time when the University is conducting a cross-institution campus climate survey to assess the attitudes, beliefs and cultural pulse of the University.  This survey aims to answer, “What is it like to be a student at SU?”  and “What is it like to work at SU?”  The goal is to reinforce those things which make Syracuse University an exciting and thriving environment and find solutions to the areas where we’ve missed the mark.  One student, Shachar Amsalem, a junior nutrition student shares her thoughts.

“After completing the Climate Assessment Survey, I got to thinking about which places on campus truly shape and impact my health, culture, and climate. I decided that the Falk College is the place that I feel most comfortable, with my academics and with the climate there. It is important to me because as a Nutrition major, all of my classes are in one building and most of my professors are all gathered in this building. In addition, the classes I’ve participated in have all taken place here. I believe that most of my knowledge of the University and everything that shapes what I believe is the climate on campus and the health of the campus come from the Falk College at Syracuse.”

Want to share your thoughts too?  Take the Campus Climate survey today.