Falk College Student: Marqez Hodge

Meet Marqez- he’s an SU student and football player who also happens to be a student in HTW 221, Community Health Promotion.  This semester, Marqez has been helping to promote Healthy Monday on campus along with a team of his classmates.  Marqez has excelled at outreach for our I Love NY Water campaign, spreading the message to students and staff on campus.  Without further ado, we’ll let him tell us what he likes about public health.      

HodgeMy name is Marqez Hodge, I’m from Miami Florida. I am a student athlete here at Syracuse University. This year I’m a junior majoring in Public Health. I am also getting a minor in business. Public Health has helped me become more aware about being healthy. It has also helped me want to promote the adoption of healthy behaviors in other people. I think learning about public health can ensure positive outcomes for sustaining a healthy life.

I can help influence wellness, not only for myself, but also for other people, which relates to awareness about health issues.  Health is also about the social, environmental, physical and spiritual health behaviors. I see wellness as an awareness about your health. To be a healthier person, for one, you have to put the right kinds and amount of foods in your body. You can also promote wellness, I would say, by trying to be as social as possible; try talking to people and make connections. Just strike up a conversation about anything, and it could lead to something.  You may find a workout partner or someone who shares similar interest as you.   Your environment also influences your health; get your friends and family involved in living a healthy lifestyle, so that you all can benefit from being well together.  Wellness is also about your physical health and how your body is functioning. Regular check-ups with your doctor will keep you informed about how well your health is, or where you may need to make some changes. Lastly don’t forget your spiritual health, part of that can be checking in to identify what your motivations are to be healthy and how you can continue to be healthy. By becoming more aware and gaining knowledge of some of the main concepts in public health, I can see a bright future ahead for my work in public health and those who I will work with in my career.