Tips for Staying Active in Cold Weather

Students Walking Snow Winter Quad

Post by Health and Wellness 221 student, Stephanie Shute

It is now November in Syracuse, New York, which means it is usually cold, raining or snowing outside. If you want to stay active but you do not want to freeze during it, here are a few tips to stay active and healthy during the cold weather months. 


  • Walk in the mall: Destiny USA is a 2.4 million square foot destination and located relatively close to the Syracuse University campus. This year, Destiny USA made new strides to encourage more mall walking and promoting a healthier life style. Aetna, a “nationwide Medicare advantage insurance provider with a local presence in Syracuse and the surrounding area”, sponsored a special walking program at Destiny USA.  There are special markers placed on the floor of the first floor which created a set path of 1.2 miles for mall walkers to follow. What an awesome opportunity to stay active and warm!
  • Do house work: Doing the dishes, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming or washing the windows will not only help keep you moving but also keep your home looking great!
  • Lift hand weights: Get fit while watching your favorite television show or listening to music! If you do not want to purchase hand weights you can lift cans of food.
  • Indoor activities at the gym: Check out the fitness classes at the gym.  Activities such as spinning, kickboxing, Zumba, and swimming are perfect opportunities to stay active in winter and also check out new fitness classes and to challenge you.  Visit any of the Healthy Monday free fitness classes to try out something new.  Classes are offered every Monday and Friday during the academic semester- check out the schedule on our Events & News page for more details.