Sarah Al-Sheraidi and the Monday Mile

This past month I’ve been participating in the Monday Mile on SU’s campus as part of Healthy Monday’s Walktober program. The Monday Mile gave me an opportunity to meet some new people, and get to know the Lerner Fellows, Anna and Billy. Anna enlightened me about WIC, its policies, and what she wants to do to improve WIC, all the while getting in a great workout.

Walking in the middle of my day helped keep me focused in my afternoon classes, and left me feeling rejuvenated. I feel like the Monday Mile walks kept me from falling into the afternoon “need-my-coffee” slump. It was really great not to feel like a zombie walking into my afternoon classes.

The groups were often small, but it was great to connect with everyone on Monday afternoons and enjoy the fall weather. If you haven’t participated in the Walktober program in the past, jump in next year. It’s a great way to unwind.  Or, walk a Monday Mile anytime of the year- the route on north campus begins in front of Schine and there is a Monday Mile on south campus, starting outside Goldstein.