Falk College Student: Stephanie Shute


  1. Name: Stephanie Shute
  1. Age: 21
  1. Your position at SU: Undergraduate Student majoring in Social work and minoring in Gerontology and Health and Wellness
  1. Your second job (how you spend most of your remaining hours): Volunteering, working at Rivervalley & Cavallaro Foods & spending time with family

  1. What kinds of activities do you do (ex: nutrition, physical activities, de-stressing) to stay healthy?

I exercise at the gym and run occasionally during my free time (5k’s). I just started a healthy eating diet at the end of September. In high school I played soccer and basketball for the school team and on extra leagues. Unfortunately, I am not apart of any teams here at Syracuse University.

  1. What are some of the challenges you face when it comes to being healthy?

One challenge I face when it comes to being healthy is the time commitment. I am busy in my every day life with many other activities and working out sometimes gets put last on my list.

  1. How do you try to work with or around those barriers?

I work around these barriers in figuring out a specific time to workout as soon as I get up. Also, packing my gym clothes in my bag so I am forced to carry them and have a reminder to go right after class instead of going to my apartment first.

  1. What piece of advice do you have for others (any nugget of wisdom that has helped you)?

I would advise you to think by the quote by Louis Zamperini, “One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.” I think that the harder you work in the gym and the pain you feel will only make you look and feel better in the end.