Falk College Student: Sarah Al-Sheraidi

Sarah Al-SheraidiI’m Sarah!

I’m twenty-one years old and am studying Public Health here at Syracuse University.

Right now I volunteer with the Healthy Monday program at the Lerner Center. In the past I used to work at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Labor and Delivery unit (and loved it!)

Now, I spend much of my time doing homework but I also try and stay active. I enjoy jogging, practicing yoga, and meditating in my free time.

As is the case with everyone, it’s not always easy being healthy. I love to indulge with some pizza and chocolate every now and then, but I also try and make the right choices for my health and wellness whenever possible. I achieve this by not only being active, but also reminding myself why I want to be healthy in the first place, and not beat myself up when I’m being less-than-stellar.

I’m looking forward to trying out some of Healthy Monday’s classes and Monday Miles.