Walktober Spotlight: Tammi Cigler

Walktober participant Tammi CiglerName: Tammi Cigler

Age: 53

Location (just city or town): Baldwinsville N.Y.

Your day job (how you pay the bills!): Upstate Financial Services

Your second job (how you spend most of your remaining hours): I do different crafts and love to explore different places in Central NY with my soul/sole mate. 🙂

What kinds of activities do you do (ex: nutrition, physical activities, de-stressing) to stay healthy?

I mostly walk and use my new exercise bike. I like being outside so I try to find activities that get me outside even in the winter. My fiancé introduced me to snowshoeing last year. I love it! It helps me so much to have a partner that stays fit and active. He is a great inspiration and motivator. He makes everything fun and is a great support. He also had me start meeting with his nutritionist. Starting with a nutritionist was extremely helpful. Diet is so much more than just eating less. It is finding the right combination of foods for you and finding out how they affect your body. You have to eat to lose.

What are some of the challenges you face when it comes to being healthy?

I find the lack of time the hardest challenge for me. I try to sneak in short walks during the day. I have a desk job so I walk the longest route when I have to go somewhere. I try to stand up every 20 minutes and at least stretch.

Every movement, every step is a step in the right direction. Small changes make huge differences.

I have a pedometer that is in my pocket every day. It helps keep me moving. When I see the numbers are low it spurs me on to do more.

I recently lost a considerable amount of weight. I have more to go but have become a bit complacent. Joining the Walktober event has helped get me going again. I wanted to be an inspiration for others but instead Walktober has inspired me.

I had to start a second team for our office because the first one filled up to capacity so quickly. The captain of the other office team, Anne, is a great inspiration and partner in crime here at work. Surround yourself with like minded people at work and at home.

We all want our weight loss to happen overnight. It can’t. If you lose 2 pounds a week for a year that is 104 pounds! Next year you will be glad that you started today!