Monday Mile sign at St. Joseph's HospitalThere has been quite a buzz this week about the Monday Mile!  The initiative began in 2012 with a joint proclamation issued by the Mayor of Syracuse and Onondaga County Executive proclaiming September 10th as Move it Monday Day!  This proclamation set in motion the installation of one mile walking routes throughout the city and county to support people in getting active and moving more.









The Monday Mile is a fun way to get in your daily exercise, you can easily work it into your schedule and it’s a chance to visit some of the beautiful parks and neighborhoods in the Syracuse area.  To date, there are fifteen one mile walking routes located throughout the city of Syracuse and Onondaga County.  Maps for all of the routes can be found on our Monday Mile page.

The newest Monday Mile route was installed earlier this summer at St. Joseph’s Hospital Health Center in Syracuse.  An inaugural walk took place on Monday, August 4th to introduce the route to St. Joseph’s employees, neighborhood businesses and residents.  The route begins in front of the main entrance to the hospital and weaves through the historic North Side neighborhood as well as the business district on North Salina Street.

Monday Mile banner from Northside Up featuring kickoff walk at St. Joseph's hospital
Monday Mile kickoff at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Photo courtesy of NorthsideUP

The Monday Mile route at St. Joseph’s is the newest addition to a host of routes located near City Hall, in a number of city and county parks as well as a loop in the city’s Near West Side neighborhood.  It is the partnership with city and county parks, area hospitals and other not-for-profit organizations that make these routes possible.

St. Joseph's Monday Mile kickoff walkAny of the Monday Mile routes can be used by anyone at any time.  By creating literal stakes in the ground, the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion is creating an environment that supports movement and being active.  Some organizations, like Crouse Hospital, Upstate Hospital and Syracuse Healthy Start, an initiative of the Onondaga County Health Department, now use the Monday Mile as a way to get people active by scheduling weekly group walks.  For more information about scheduled Monday Mile walks, check out our Events & News page.

If you’d like more information about the Monday Mile, please email us at and check out the great coverage we had for our walk with St. Joseph’s!



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